UPC Raises Basic Broadband Speed To 120Mb

UPC Raises Basic Broadband Speed To 120Mb

UPC made a bold statement earlier today when they announced they have increased the entry level broadband speed for their Horizon product range to 120Mb/s - previously it was 50Mb/s.

This move makes UPC's Horizon product range the fastest entry-level broadband packages in Ireland. Customers have a choice of sticking with the 120Mb/s or opting for a step up to 200Mb/s as part of their UPC Horizon package.

Customers who opt for UPC's reduced cost "Limited" broadband bundles will see the limit of data usage triple from 10GB per month to 30GB per month. These packages are suitable only for light users.

Mark Coan, sales chief for UPC said:

“We strive to make our services not just a little bit better than what others provide, but to make them truly extraordinary. By moving our entry speed to 120Mb we are delivering on this promise, with entry speeds faster than others’ fastest speeds. Coming on the back of the recent success of our Horizon TV launch,  this move further positions UPC as the only player to provide extraordinary services across its entire product range and redefines the minimum acceptable broadband speed in the Irish market.”

UPC customers have seen maximum available download speed increase from 3Mb/s to 200Mb/s in just 5 years.

With the increasing trend towards online TV and video-on-demand services such as Netflix, UPC is providing the market with what they believe to be extraordinary choices when it comes to home phone, digital TV and broadband sevices.

Customers will find that bundling these packages together is the most cost effective way to get their home communications needs met.

All the new UPC bundles are available on bonkers.ie to compare - and you can sign up to these packages on site in minutes.



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