UPC launches new winter offers with unlimited calls to mobiles

UPC launches new winter offers with unlimited calls to mobiles

UPC has come out fighting for the Christmas market with a range of special offers based around its improved Horizon service and unlimited calls to mobiles. The company, which has set a blistering pace with consumer broadband speeds of up to 200Mb, has just announced a range of new bundles which should suit the needs and budgets of many Irish households.

UPC is leading their new range of offers with a Triple Play package (that’s TV, broadband and phone) and a Dual Play deal (broadband and phone) which include broadband speeds of up to 200Mb and 120Mb respectively, unlimited data downloads, unlimited anytime calls to landlines, and in a first for UPC, unlimited anytime calls to any Irish mobiles.

Unlimited calls to Irish mobiles

UPC’s new unlimited mobile call deals are likely to be very popular with families who are only too familiar with the cost of calling mobiles. And the launch of unlimited mobile calls from UPC home phones is a sure sign that the company is getting closer to their goal of becoming an Irish mobile phone provider following their partnership with Three earlier in the year.

UPC’s new offers

UPC’s headline product for the season is their Horizon Complete Mobile package. It’s a TV, broadband and phone deal offering 200Mb unlimited broadband, 122 channels of standard and high definition TV, and a home phone which offers anytime unlimited landline calls, 400 international minutes and unlimited calls to Irish mobiles. The cost for all three is €46 for the first four months and €85 a month thereafter.

Customers that don’t need TV can choose UPC’s new Fibre Power 120Mb and Anytime Mobile package. This deal includes unlimited broadband, anytime unlimited landline calls, 400 international minutes and unlimited Irish mobile calls. The cost for this deal is €25 for the first four months and €50 thereafter.

UPC is also offering a number of step-down packages with lower monthly costs. On the triple play offers, you can forgo the unlimited mobile calls and pay €80 a month. Go for off-peak calls and lose 20 TV channels and the cost goes down to €73. You can also limit your broadband to 30GB a month and you’ll pay €66 a month.

So what’s the mobile offer worth? To some people it’ll be priceless, to other’s it’ll be a nice-to-have, but in terms of extra cost, it’ll be somewhere between €1 and €6 per month based on the old packages they replace – which isn’t bad for unlimited mobile calls.

The unlimited mobile calls are only available with the headline offers - but the headline offers look really good. They look like they are aimed squarely at families, and if you want a completely worry free home phone that can be used by teenagers to chat with their friends without having to worry about the cost, these deals are hard to beat - especially with the unlimited high-speed broadband thrown in.


Activation is free for new customers signing up to any of the Hoizon Triple Play offers. Customers upgrading to Horizon will also get the box and activation for free. Activation for the Fibre Power 120Mb and Anytime Mobile deal is also free.

You can now compare and review UPC’s new product offerings on bonkers.ie


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