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Digiweb introduces Parental Controls to curb excessive internet use

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Digiweb introduces Parental Controls to curb excessive internet use
Robyn Hamilton

Robyn Hamilton

Staff Writer

Broadband provider Digiweb has launched new Parental Control features to help Irish families combat a growth in excessive internet usage amongst children and teenagers.

Do you feel like your children and teenagers are getting too much exposure to the internet at all hours of the day and night but you’re not sure where to start when it comes to controlling their usage?

For more and more families these days, cutting out internet usage altogether just isn’t a feasible option anymore but the worries around excessive internet usage in young people are growing.

A journal article, published by the American Academy of Paediatrics found that children with small screens in the bedroom get approximately 20 minutes less sleep each night.

In addition to the American study, a 2012 Irish Medical Journal article found that Approximately 40% of Irish 11-16-year olds displayed characteristics associated with risk of excessive use of social networking sites, contributing to a sedentary lifestyle, which is of concern given the rising trend in childhood obesity.

But how do you restrict access realistically, when kids not only have access through desktops and laptops but also through tablets and smartphones?

Digiweb reckons it has the answer with its new Parental Control features which allow parents to choose what device and how long the device may access may have access to the internet.

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Commenting on the Digiweb Parental Control features, Brendan McGahon Digiweb ’s Operations Manager said:

“Excessive use of the internet, particularly in the evening before bedtime, is leading to issues such as sleeplessness and even obesity. We’re hearing this from our customers, and they want to know how to tackle it best. Digiweb Electric Broadband with parental controls will give parents the peace of mind they need”.

“Digiweb Electric Broadband orders are accompanied by an award-winning Fritzbox modem. In a few short steps, parents can limit the number of hours their children spend on the internet, right down to every smartphone, tablet and computer in the house. It really is a great solution to a growing problem”.

Tempted to sign up with Digiweb?

If Digiweb’s Parental Controls aren’t enough to tempt you to switch, it’s also worth considering that the provider was also recently ranked No. 1 Irish Broadband provider by Trustpilot.

84% of customers rate Digiweb’s service as Excellent or Good according to online review site Trustpilot, a website that specialises in gathering independent reviews from thousands of consumers across Europe. This rating ranks Digiweb as the No. 1 Irish Broadband provider.

Commenting on the announcement Brendan McGahon said;

“Digiweb are delighted to be recognised by independent review site Trustpilot as Ireland’s No.1 broadband provider. The vision of Digiweb is to provide customers with a fast, reliable, Internet connection at a reasonable price which is supported by customer focused staff. We provide 100% coverage across Ireland using a variety of different technologies including 100% fibre to the home services offering speeds of up to 1000 Mbps all supported by our dedicated Irish based local support teams”

What kind of packages does Digiweb offer?

Digiweb offers several dualplay (home phone and broadband) packages as well as an unlimited 100Mb/s broadband-only package.

If you sign up to Digiweb’s broadband-only package right now you’ll get the first 4 months at the discounted price of €24.95 per month, after which the price will rise to €42.95 per month.

Make sure to compare!

Before you run off and join the Digiweb parade, make sure to compare all deals across all providers to make sure that you’re getting the very best value for money.

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