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Serious illness cover will pay out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specified illness such as cancer or heart disease

Serious illness cover can be detailed and complicated. With our calculators, you can compare policies in Ireland and get a serious illness cover quote in minutes.

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Compare Serious Illness Cover

bonkers.ie, in partnership with low.ie, provides a comprehensive serious illness cover comparison service in Ireland.

With bonkers.ie, you can find a cheap serious illness insurance quote from one of Ireland’s major insurers, such as Aviva, Friends First, New Ireland, Royal London or Zurich.

Whether you’d like a joint policy, a dual policy or a policy with convertible term cover, bonkers.ie can help you to find the policy that best suits your unique requirements. You can also add serious illness cover to a mortgage protection policy or a life insurance policy with bonkers.ie.

Different insurers cover different specified illnesses so it’s important to know that the policy you have is the best one for you. By comparing serious illness insurance with bonkers.ie, you can find the right policy for you at the cheapest price.

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