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Your next mortgage application

Compare rates with our mortgage calculator & compare mortgage protection insurance

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Your next mortgage application

We know the mortgage journey can be tiring, but it no longer has to be. Our easy-to-use mortgage comparison service helps to make your experience as comfortable as possible. And thanks to our simplified mortgage comparison tools, that journey just got a whole lot shorter.

With you can now compare mortgage rates as well as mortgage protection insurance in one place - time to settle down.

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Do I have to buy mortgage protection insurance from my mortgage lender?

No. By law you’re under no obligation to buy mortgage protection from your bank. A bank can’t refuse you a mortgage if you decide to get mortgage protection elsewhere. Why not use our mortgage protection comparison tool to shop for the best value product today?

What happens to my mortgage protection if I decide to switch mortgage provider?

If you decide to switch mortgage provider you don’t need to take out a new policy. You can simply reassign your existing policy to your new lender. Your premium and level of cover will remain the exact same as long as the amount you borrow and the term of your mortgage hasn’t changed.

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