Brand September 2021

There are unusual ways to save money…

Like when your friend Tim was changing lightbulbs.

Man 1: Switching to LED’s Tim?

Tim: No! We’re moving house!

VO - Or that time you groomed the dog yourself…

Man 2: Be alright if we just take a bit more off the back.

(SFX Underneath above line of electric shears and a dog running off howling)

Woman: (Screams) BRENDAN!!!!!!!!!

VO - Or charging your children ‘mileage’ for a lift to school!

Dad: Let’s call it an even fiver.

(SFX Underneath above line of car brakes coming to a stop)

Child: Scrooge! 

(SFX Underneath above line of car door slamming)

VO - Or you could save hundreds of euro on your household bills, energy, broadband, insurance, banking and mortgage in just a few clicks with

(SFX Bonkers mnemonic)

It’s easy, It’s free, It’s

VO: Bonkers Money Limited trading as is regulated by The Central Bank Of Ireland.

Woman: (Screams) BRENDAN!!!!!!!!!