The 60-second guide to..... Becoming energy savvy to save money

Aside from switching supplier, the biggest saving on your energy bills can be made by really understanding your energy usage, and cutting down where possible. And here's how to do it:

Turn your heating down by one degree. Doing so can knock up to 10pc off your heating bills, according to Clarke. Consider buying a smart thermostat such as Hive, Nest or Climote. These devices allow you to control your home heating and water boiler through an app and to better manage the temperature in your home.

Turn your electrical appliances off -?? rather than just leaving them on standby. "This will cut the appliance's energy use by about a fifth.

Use the eco settings on your dishwasher, washing machines and other appliances. When you use eco settings, your appliance will run for longer -?? but the water used will be at a colder temperature. "If you can run something for longer and colder, it will be cheaper," says Simon Moynihan of Bonkers.ie.

Upgrade your appliances to more efficient models if they're old. Efficient appliances use less energy.

Buy an energy-saving bulb (right). These use up to 75pc less energy than more traditional bulbs -?? and it's possible to save over 620 a bulb a year.

Use your dishwasher. A full dishwasher uses less than half the energy you do when washing dishes by hand, according to Bonkers.ie.

Get an electricity monitor to learn which devices are the biggest energy hogs in your home. Some of the highest energy users are kettles, electric showers, immersion water heaters, tumble dryers, cookers, microwaves and Xboxes. Restrict your usage of these hogs.


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