Over the last few years, comparison websites have been helping consumers make more informed decisions when it comes to our household bills. Recently, Bonkers.ie celebrated five years in business. We spoke to managing director David Kerr about the changes seen during that time.



  • 22% increase in electricity prices. In 2010 Irish households were paying €990/year, now it's €1,211.
  • 33% increase in gas prices - €727 in 2010, now the cost is €964.
  • Irish households are paying significantly more for energy in 2015 than in 2010, despite the arrival of four new energy suppliers. And with up to 86% of households continuing to pay standard prices, energy customers are missing out on potential savings of  €370m/ year.


Broadband ?

  • Since 2010, broadband speeds have increased by 400% across the country, with prices falling almost 50% over the same period.
  • Five years ago the fastest connection available to Irish households was 24MB at a cost of €70/month.
  • Now thousands of homes enjoy speeds of 100MB and pay as little as €36/ month. ?
  • With fibre broadband speeds of IGB will become even more accessible.



  • 74% drop in savings returns - the best interest rates on benchmark one-year term deposit accounts have fallen from 3.5% in 2010 to 1.15% in 2015.
  • DIRT has increased from 25% to 41% in the same time period, further eroding returns. Irish people are earning 74% less on their savings.
  • In 2010, €10,000 on deposit returned €262.50. In 2015, the same amount yields just €67.85.


Despite poor returns, Irish savers maintain €93.7bn on deposit with Irish banks, the highest level since January 2011.



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