Netflix broadband speed index

If you want to find a clue as to why data is a far more important issue than speed as far as the broadband providers are concerned, check out the Netflix ISP Speed Index.

The index, which was introduced for Irish broadband providers in 2012, lists the speeds that customers from Irish providers get when using Netflix.

The speeds are generally in the l.SMbps to S.SMbps range across all ISPs.

The highest rated is UPC at just 3.5Mbps, followed closely behind by Magnet, then Eircom, BT Ireland, Vodafone, Digiweb and Imagine with speeds ranging from 2.94Mbps to 1.87Mbps. But if many providers are advertising speeds in excess of 100 Mbps, why is it that this index is only showing such low speeds?

Simon Moynihan of price comparison site Bonkers.ie said it demonstrates that 3.5Mbps is enough to watch movies and TV shows on demand through services like Netflix.

"ISPs need to manage data throughput and this seems to indicate that they enable enough speed for services like Netflix to work, but enabling the full speed that the ISP's service is capable of when connected to streaming services may degrade the experience of other users," he said.

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