Why I switched: 'We'll go for a weekend away with the €300 we will save'

Working mother Andrea Mara said that by switching her electricity and gas provider, her family will be able to afford a weekend away – writes Emma Jane Hade

The 40-year-old said that for several years her family were Electric Ireland customers and received their gas and electricity supply from them. But she recently decided to take the plunge and change providers, which she is hoping will help to save an average of €25 each month.

"We decided to shop around last month, as part of a New Year's resolution type of effort to make some savings," the mother-of-three explained.

"We used a website called Bonkers.ie to do comparisons, and then switched to Energia. According to the comparison we did, based on bills from the last 12 months, we should save €300."

Andrea writes the online blog 'Office Mum' and is mother to seven-year-old Elissa, Nia (5) and Matthew (2). She lives in Dublin and works in financial services.

She revealed that she hopes to "use it for a weekend away with extended family during the summer, if it's not swallowed up by other bills".

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