Thousands on wrong mobile plan could save up to €500 by switching

Thousands of people are on the wrong mobile phone plan and are overpaying for their service – Charlie Weston

Savings of €500 a year can be made by opting for a better-value plan, it has emerged. For families with multiple phones, the savings are even higher.

Overpaying for mobile services is just one of 10 typical household bills that families could slash the cost of, and save thousands of euro over a year.

The savings and how to go about switching are outlined in detail in a 16-page 'Switching Saturday' supplement free in this newspaper.

Research undertaken by the Irish Independent with the help of mobile phone comparison app developers, KillBiller, indicates that huge numbers of people are overpaying for their device use because they are on the wrong plan.

This is especially the case for those on plans with low data allowance. People are now typically texting less and using more data. Between last year and the previous year mobile data use has almost doubled.

Using more data than the allowance on your plan means massive charges are levied, said Dr Shane Lynn of KillBiller.

Research by State bodies has found that just 9pc of people ever change mobile phone provider - one of the lowest switching rates for a household service.

But savings of at least €300 a year can be made by getting a plan better suited to your phone usage.

Simon Moynihan of price comparison site Bonkers.ie said people in this country are getting better at switching because they realise it is a way to save large amounts of money.

"But if it gets difficult they are immediately put off."

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