Make Me Richer: Travel insurance, savings accounts and more

Make Me Richer: Travel insurance, savings accounts and more - with Lora O'Brien


The Jazz Festival in Cork

You're getting to the Cork Jazz Festival on Saturday 25 and decide on a treat, so you can relax and enjoy the weekend events. You book a stay over with a partner in Cork city, with breakfast, a check-in on Saturday 25 and check-out Sunday 26. Enjoy yourself! -

Best €119 Park Inn by Radisson
Avoid €169 The Maryborough Hotel & Spa
Save €50

Travel insurance

Domestic tourism doesn't totally satisfy you, so you've planned a trip to more exotic locations . . . but the volcanic eruption continues in Iceland and now you're watching the skies. There was serious financial loss for the average traveller the last time an Icelandic volcano went off, so take the weight off your mind with annual travel insurance for Europe, including travel disruption to cover volcanic ash, for a couple under 49.

Best €83.99 Multi-trip Premier Cover Level
Avoid €110.93 Chill Premier Cover Level
Save €26.94

Savings accounts

If you're not going anywhere nice until next year and want to save a bit of cash to make it a really good trip, there are a few options for you on the best place to save it. You're a regular monthly saver of €50 a month, looking for a bank whose credit rating you can trust (as far as that can be said about any of them) and no instant access to the savings so you can avoid the temptation to dip in between now and then.

Best 2.7pc AER Permanent TSB Online Regular Saver
Avoid 0.01pc AER Bank of Ireland Demand Account
Save 2.69pc extra on your savings


It's another long, long month ahead and the chances of going into the red are increasing by the day. Bank overdraft rates will suck the life out of you. And then some. But you have to pay for those shoes somehow. Overdrafts are only slightly cheaper than credit cards.

On a €1,500 maxxed out overdraft for a year.

Best AIB 11.95pc
Avoid Permanent TSB 16.30pc
Save Up to €65.25 in interest

Phone, TV & web package

It's the following morning, you may have drunk a tad too much of that fancy French wine the night before, and the kids are in hopping up and down on your bed. You'll bring them to the park, and that's a promise, but later. Later. For now, you can keep them entertained and get yourself a much needed little lie-in, with a Phone, TV and Broadband package.

You're a medium download user, living in Dublin 11, and want to include wireless access in your package. You'd like a good download speed, but want plenty of TV channels included too.

Best €1,248 a year UPC Horizon Complete+Sky
Avoid €1,512 Sky HD & Broadband Lite/Talk Freetime
Save €264



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