Families gain as gas wars start to heat up

WE expected that increased competition in the energy sector would benefit consumers and so it has turned out – Sinead Ryan Consumer Champion

With the deregulation of Bord Gais (soon to be renamed Eriva) and Energia entering the marketplace, things can only get better.

There are some really good offers on the table now to tempt people to switch provider.

Bear in mind that up to 60pc of customers have never, never done this, preferring to stay with 'The ESB' rather than shop around.

It's very simple to change - nobody has to call to your door and I managed to do it for both gas and electricity last month in 10 minutes flat.

I asked Simon Moynihan of Bonkers.ie about it. He says that Energia's offer of €50 cash back if you switch both your gas and electricity to them is great.


It runs until November 16 and the reduction will be taken off your first bill in 2015. If you just switch one service, you still get €20 cash back.

Electric Ireland is also offering €50 cash back, but it applies even if you only move your electricity to them, which suits households who use oil as their heating fuel.

Meanwhile Airtricity has a €30 cash offer on signing up with them.

Bear in mind you may have to sign up for a year and pay on direct debit but it's certainly worth checking out - apathy can hit you in the pocket!

SWITCHING: It takes 10 minutes and will likely save you money

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