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Electricity - With Energia having entered the residential electricity market of late, there are all sorts of efforts being made by energy companies to retain customers and lure new ones. But inertia still reigns for many consumers, many of whom are unsure what they'll really save if they move provider. How much is electricity likely to cost for a year in a normal urban home, using a standard amount of power a year with no nightsaver meter and paying by direct debit?

Best €1,075.34 (Energia Smart Choice Electricity)
Avoid 61,211 (Electric Ireland Standard/Domestic)
Savings £135.66
Contact www.bonkers.ie

LED telly

Ok, so we're not in the World Cup this year, and Serbia beat us on home turf a few weeks ago (Serbia?! - well, they are ranked 29th in the world by FIFA; while Ireland is 67). But you never really need an excuse to finally buy a new gogglebox.

There's a dizzying array of options out there but a 32-inch set is a popular choice for many homes.

How much will a Samsung 32-inch 100HZ F5000 LED TV set you back?

Best €319 (Pixmania.com)
Avoid €349.95 (Power City)
Saving €30.95

Car insurance

It's always good to keep shopping around for your insurance, no matter how good a deal you're getting. How much will it cost for fully comprehensive motor insurance for a 47-year-old male living in Donegal, with a five-year no claims bonus, four points on his licence and driving a 2010 2-litre diesel Toyota Avenis?

Best €441.95 (with ARB)
Avoid €891.91 (Aviva)
Saving €449.96
Contact www.chill.ie

Home insurance

So many people have been swamped with flood water over the winter due to relentless storms. It just shows how important it is to have your insurance up to date. How much will it cost to insure a three-bed semi in Athlone, with no alarm, €150,000 rebuild cost and €30,000 contents cover?

Best €249.84 (with Zurich)
Avoid €699.34 (AXA)
Saving €449.50
Contact www.chill.ie


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