Samsung Digital Media Awards 2013

By Margaret O’Brien

Created in 2003, when digital media was still in its infancy in Ireland, the Samsung Digital Media Awards have grown in stature at a pace that reflects the expansion of this dynamic sector.

These annual awards, run by Ashville Media, offer a platform to showcase the broad spectrum of digital media work carried out in Ireland. The awards are open to all organisations, businesses, and individuals in the sector – from app/game developers and digital/integrated media marketers, to students, educational/financial companies, SMEs and more.

Each year, the most influential players in the Irish digital media community submit entries to these awards and for their part the organisers Ashville Media have continued to innovate by introducing new and relevant categories.

“Many of our new categories emphasize the importance of digital/integrated marketing campaigns on a national and international scale, as well as those campaigns that are incorporating elements including gaming and animation.

This year there were a total of 24 categories, 12 of which were band new,” said Tracey Carney events director, Ashville Media.

“We couldn’t run these awards without the support of our sponsors who this year included, Samsung, SpongeIT, Fuzion, Huggity, .IE Domain Registry, IFG, Interxion, Kantar Media, Danske Bank.

Winning a Samsung Digital Media Awards can help recipients showcase their work to a wider audience and therefore use it as a stepping stone to expand their client portfolio.

“The importance of innovative designs and ideas cannot be underestimated, particularly in the current economic climate. That is why the Samsung Digital Media Awards have become an integral part of Ireland’s media culture: by ensuring our Awards ceremony encompasses all aspects of the media landscape, we highlight that Irish companies possess an infinite number of innovative, creative visionary ideas,” she said.

Fionan O’Sullivan of IFG presenting the Best in Financial Services Award to David Kerr and David O’Brien of Bonkers Money Limited.

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