How do I find the best deals for home Broadband?

By Kya deLongchamps

How do I find the best deals for home Broadband? There seems to be so many options.

If you don't want to trawl through the many deals for broadband which include home and mobile offers to further confuse the customer, try Bonkers.ie or Getbroadband.ie to compare Internet Service Providers (ISP) by the product. The site includes a handy beginner's guide.

My teenage sons do a lot of gaming online. What would be the best option for our broadband service?

A Well, clearly, you need a good speed to ensure your sons can play their games in what is termed "real time" without a perceptible delay (4Mbps or more) and most important of all you don't want to run up a huge bill for their gaming. Ensure that the package you opt for has a zero download limit as a cap on usage can prove expensive.

We cannot access broadband through our telephone service and the wireless service is poor. What are our options?

A Have you considered satellite services? Onwave.ie and Digiweb.ie both offer 6-10mb satellite services to any part of the country including the islands. There is an installation fee for the dish plus a slight difference in the way your computer receives the information. Ensure you can stand the small download delay in uploading browsed pages before signing up. Prices from €40pm.

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