MAKE ME RICHER with NICK WEBB - Gas & electricity

Gas & electricity

And so Bord Gais trumpets the fact that it is the cheapest provider of electricity in Ireland. It should spend a few quid on a new calculator rather than splashing it out on sponsoring the Grand Canal Theatre. WE'd like cheaper gas instead of slightly cheaper tickets to the world bodybuilding championship of Psychic Sally on the Raod. Airtricity's two-year contract is cheaper than Bord Gais's best deal, according to figures from bonkers.ie. We've done the sums for someone on a standard ESB tariff paying €125 per month by direct debit for gas from Bord Gais. And why isn't Bord Gais cheap for gas?



Best Airtricity two-year contract €1,290.78
Avoid ESB €1,500
Saving €209.27


Best Flogas Direct Debit €1,298.78 per year
Avoid Bord Gais Standard €1,500
Saving €201.93


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