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* IF YOU like the saying 'penny-wise and pound-smart' why not check out www.bonkers.ie for great ways to save money on every day necessities like electricity and broadband, plus how to find the cheapest personal loans and credit cards on the market.

And it's not just a site for practical people - there are plenty of fun discounts to be had in the Daily Deals section, which cover everything from restaurants to holidays, spa treatments to colleges.

Considering my old nickname used to be 'Slightly Bonkers', I just had to recommend it...

REAL Health

* Forget the hype folks, nothing is more nutritious for your body than real fresh fruit and veg, so don't let any nonsensical 'popcorn is good for you' headlinese tell you otherwise.

Recently there have been many stories stating that popcorn contains more antioxidants than most berries and spinach. But come on, let's get real, neither blueberries nor spinach are dunked in bad fats before you eat them, nor are they usually covered in salt, butter or sugar!

REAL Safety

* WITH the country gripped in recession, burglaries have soared - so it's never been more important to have your home protected and safe.

I understand not everyone can afford personalised security systems but there's no excuse not to have extra boltlocks on your doors and windows and if you have them, use them!

Simon Cowell woke up to a woman hiding in his closet wielding a brick, proving that even the rich and famous can have their security breached from time-to-time, so get wise and stay safe.


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