A few simple steps to save €195 per month

We constantly hear in the media reports of the cost of day to day products and services increasing. The Household Charge of €100 arrived in on 1st January 2012 is yet another additional cost for consumers to bare.

1. Switch to a cheaper electricity / gas provider
ESB (now called ESB Electric Ireland) are now able to compete with the likes of Airtricity, Bord Gais and Flogas to offer lower cost electricity and gas. There is really now no excuse for not making savings on your electricity needs. Go online to www.bonkers.ie and use their tool to see how much you can save by switching provider. It only takes a few moments.
Total savings of approx. €15 per month

2. Switch to a cheaper Mortgage Protection provider with SmartQuotes.ie
If you have a Mortgage it is likely you will have Mortgage Protection. Life Assurance unlike car and home insurance rates have come down significantly in the last number of years due to a more competitive marketplace.
The cover you took out with your bank at the time of taking out your mortgage may not be the most competitive available. It is important that you realise that you have a choice, and that you were not under any legal obligation to purchase these types of products from your lender only.
The average monthly premium for Mortgage Protection is €60 per month. A saving of 30% would equate to €18 per month. This is over €4,000 on a 20 year policy.
In addition, SmartQuotes.ie also offers 70% off the first twelve months premiums. For someone paying €60 a month this is a minimum saving of €504 in the first twelve months. This saving in the first twelve months could go towards a holiday, savings or paying off your credit card for example. Contact SmartQuotes.ie on 01 498 0005 to get a quick quote or go online. It only takes a few minutes.

Total saving of €18 per month (additional saving of €504 in the first twelve months with SmartQuotes.ie)

3. Take advantage of group buying sites while the deals are still around
It’s still open to debate whether the retailers who advertise on group buying sites like GrabOne.ie, LivingSocial.ie and DealRush.ie get much repeat business from them to justify the big discounts. However for consumers there can be fantastic value to be had by using these sites. If you are someone who likes to eat out you can expect to pay €20 for your meal for two rather than your normal €40. It only takes a few seconds to register and the deals come directly to your email. Keep an eye out for the deals on Summer 2012 holidays which may make the holiday budget stretch that but further.

Total savings of €40 per month (assuming two meals per month)

4. Switch to e-mobile
With e-mobile customers can enjoy unlimited talk and text from €49 per month. This compares with the Meteor Unlimited Offer of €85 per month. And now you can even get an iPhone or Blackberry for free as well with this contract (Subject to conditions. Further comparisons can be made at callcosts.ie).

Total saving of €72 per month (€36 per month per adult)

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