The Money Man - Gas and Electricity

Dear Simon

Who is the cheapest provider of GAS and Electricity at the moment?

Dave, Dublin



Dear Dave,

Over the last couple of months every electricity supplier increased prices and then last week all four gas suppliers hiked prices too. It means an extra €150 per year on electricity bills and at least €120 per year on gas bills at a time when we can least afford it. For that reason lots of people are actively looking to pay as little as possible for their gas and electricity now.

The good news is that there are still reasonably priced options out there, and for an average household the difference between the cheapest deals and the most expensive is over €270 per year.

If you want to take your gas and electricity together with one company, the cheapest deal is Airtricity's Dual Saver Options. Average household's should go for the "Electriciy" option as it's cheaper than the "gas" option unless you use loads of gas.  There is a two year contract and a penalty with this deal though.

If you don't mind getting your gas and eletcricity from separate suppliers, Flogas is the cheapest gas supplier and Airtricity's Home Electricity Saver tariff is the cheapest electricity deal. Both need to be paid by direct debit and Airtricity require you to view your bills online.

I hope this helps



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