Airtricity price analysis by bonkers.ie makes the 9 o'clock news on RTE1

Our Managing Director David Kerr was invited to comment on Airtricity's price increase announcements for the RTE 9 o'clock news and his segment with Sharon Tobin went out on the 16th August.

We don't normally include radio or TV appearances in the bonkers.ie press clipping section (because they're not press!), but we thought the 9 o'clock news is significant enough that we should break our own rules!

You can watch David's appearance here:


It's about 9 minutes in, and RTE leave these links up for just a few weeks so we've included a picture in case the link doesn' t work when you're viewing this.

Energy price increases are going to cause further hardship for thousands of households and we feel that David gave a clear and sensible picture of what people can do to offset at least some of the hikes.

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