It pays to wheel and deal


The growing cost of motoring is forcing Irish drivers to keep one eye on their wallets as well as the road, writes John Cradden
It's an ominous sign of the times we live in. An increasing number of drivers in Ireland are "running on empty" due to high petrol and diesel costs.
This article appeared with headings including Join the A or B band, Shop around for your fuel, Insurance, Reduce mileage by driving smoothly, Car sharing and Keep up the maintenance.
bonkers.ie was quoted in the Insurance section and full text is below:

Shopping around for car insurance remains a sure-fire way of keeping down motoring costs.
Ciaran Phelan, chief executive of the Irish Brokers Association said: "Because of the huge variance in motor insurance pricing, new dirvers should contact a broker who will shop the market and find the most suitable policy at an affordable price and who will also be able to assist in the event of a claim."
But doing a bit of your own shopping around can prove extremely effective too. Simon Moynihan of price comparison website Bonkers.ie, recently managed to reduce his own car insurance by 25%, and for a similar level of cover.
"The key to saving money on car insurance is to treat your renewal letter only as a guide and act early," he said. "Your annual renewal letter is almost never the best price you're going to get."
When you receive your renewal letter, Moynihan recommends calling at least three other insurance companies straightaway for quotes.
"If it's higher than your renewal offer, tell them - they want your business too. You should be able to get a couple cheaper quotes this way. Then call your current insurer and ask them to beat the best quote you've got."
Shane Teskey, the managing director of car history checking websites Motorcheck.ie, also suggests reducing your cover if the car is older and less valuable. "It may be that a cheaper third-party, fire and theft policy would provide enough cover."

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