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ESB is going to spend shedloads of money changing its name to the very silly sounding Electric Ireland. It's also got the cheapest rates in the market, so it's time to switch back from Airtricity or Bord Gais. Definitely switch tariffs and payment options if you're an existing customer. The ESB's new gas deal isn't so hot. It's a bit rubbish actually. Stick with Flogas for the best prices. We've totted up a bil for someone spending €1,200 per year on electricity and a further €1,200 per year on gas. Figures from bonkers.ie:
Best: ESB Electric Ireland's SuperSaver Direct Debit & Online Billing -  €1,049.44 per year
Avoid: Standard ESB - €1,200
Saving: €150.56
Best: Flogas Natural Gas's New Customer Option B - €1,041.02 per year
Avoid: Bord Gais Standard - €1,200
Combined savings on gas and electricity: €309.54

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