€100 per month savings possible

- Thursday, December 30, 2010

WITH many Irish households facing into a financially challenging New Year, consumer website bonkers.ie has revealed some steps that can yield up to €100 per month in savings.

Research by the group shows that an average household can save up to €100 per month by finding better deals on services they need, according to company boss David Kerr. 

Some of the key targets included in the list are switching gas suppliers, giving a €10 per month saving. 

A household using 18,000 KW/h of gas at a cost of €928 per year on the Bord Gáis standard tariff could save €120 per year by switching to the Flogas Standard deal. 

Saving on the cost of electricity of €10 per month can also be made, the company says. 

More than 60% of households are still with ESB for electricity and are leaving a massive €100 million in potential savings unclaimed. Switching to the best deals from Bord Gáis or Airtricity will save the average household €116 over the course of a year, the research shows.

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