Survey shows gap in price of broadband

Consumers can pay up to €1,500 more for broadband depending on where they live.

A new survey by price comparison website bonkers.ie found that rural dwellers in remote areas face particulary hefty charges if they are outside the main coverage areas.

Cost varies from €120 per year for mobile internet coverage to €1,596 for customers who have no choice but to access the internet via satellite they said.

This means some rural customers pay a whopping 1,200pc more for personal broadband than people in most urban areas whereas thousands of rural dwellers still find themselves restricted to a handful of satellite options from as few as two providers, they said.

This can occur if they are outside the National Broadband Scheme coverage area which guarantees broadband access at maximum prices, said Bonkers.ie managing director David Kerr.

The price discrepancy quoted was found in Gleneely, Co.Donegal, but also applied to many other areas.

Mr Kerr said they had launched a very detailed broadband and home phone comparison service to allow consumers access detailed information about which packages were available at their location.

"Broadband is an extremely complex area because there are five ways of delivering it; DSL, cable, wireless, mobile and satellite, and on top of that you have such a range of delivery speeds and data allowance, it can be a minefield", he said.

Urban areas also benefit from speeds up to 24Mbps and data allowances of up to 300GB a month compared to the best satellite speeds of 3.6Mbps and allowances of 12GB a month.

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