How to save €2,000 on your household bills


At a time when households across the country need to count every euro to make ends meet, Charlie Weston shows us a number of ways to shave a small fortune off your outgoings

Households with money in the bank are losing around €300 a year in interest.

This is because the average interest rate being earned by consumers who have money is the bank is just 0.6pc, according to new price-comparison website bonkers.ie.

But savers could be getting up to 3.3pc in interest, new price comparison website bonkers.ie has found. Irish Nationwide, Nationwide (UK) and Anglo Irish Bank all pay more than 3pc for money in a demand deposit account.

This money can be withdrawn immediately without incurring a penalty.The average household has around €12,800 on deposit, with the rest in current accounts, according to bonkers.ie.

Possible saving: €300

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