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What is a GPRN?

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A gas point reference number (GPRN) is a unique 7-digit code assigned to every gas point on Ireland’s natural gas network. A gas point is the place at which gas is withdrawn from the national gas network, measured by a meter and supplied to an end user. GPRNs are located on all gas bills and must be quoted when changing gas supplier.

Why do I need to know my GPRN?

You have to provide your GPRN in order to switch gas supplier. If you’re switching electricity supplier, you must provide your MPRN.

Suppliers of gas need this number to determine the point on the national gas network to which your property is connected. So, the number is needed to actually pipe the gas into your home.

How do I find my GPRN?

You'll find your GPRN printed on your gas bill and its location on your bill depends on your supplier (Bord Gáis Energy places GPRNs in the top right-hand corner, while Flogas opts for the bottom left).

There are a lot of different numbers and codes on your bills (account number, invoice number, meter number etc.) which can be confusing at a glance, but your GPRN will be clearly labelled as such.

I recently moved, what’s my GPRN?

If you recently moved into a new apartment or house and don’t have any previous bills, you should ask your landlord or the previous occupier for an old bill to get your new home’s GPRN.

It’s important to note that your GPRN is attached to the location of your home, not to your supplier or yourself. So, if you move, you’ll need to find out what your new code is.

You can also get your GPRN by calling Gas Networks Ireland on 1850 200 694. This is the best way to find your number if you’re moving into a house that has just been built.

You're ready to switch and save!

Once you have your GPRN, you’re ready to switch gas supplier. Just give our Dublin-based customer service team a call on 01 256 0500 and we’ll make the switch for you. Alternatively, you can do it yourself quickly and easily online. Happy saving!