Virgin Media Freedom TV

TV (20 channels) | €20 per month


Freedom TV

€20 per month

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Digital TV

Over 20 Channels including:

RTE1 and 2, TV3, all the BBC channels, the ITV channels, Sky 1 and Sky 2.

Pause, rewind, record and series link your favourite shows, plus 80 hours of storage.

On Demand:

A huge range of programmes from RTE Player, 3Player and TG4 Player on your TV, FREE for all customers. New release movies at the same time as DVD release. A massive movie library to keep the whole family entertained.

Red House

Exclusive access to Red House

Only Virgin Media customers get access to Red House, a team of tech experts who can visit your home and make sure that you’re getting every last drop of awesome from your Virgin Media services.

So what does this mean?

  • Install the best modem 
  • Check the Wi-Fi signal in every room 
  • Repair any old wiring issues Connect all home devices 
  • Give advice on how to maximise your in home speed 
  • Ensure you are getting the most out of your TV service

The Red House Experience will be offered at no additional charge if you are a new customer where self install is not available at your address or you are an existing customer who needs a maintenance visit to fix a fault. If you request a Red House Experience there will be a charge of €50.  

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Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions at a glance
Setup cost (new customer) €30
Setup cost (existing customer) €0
Equipment cost €0
Contract duration 1 month

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Freedom TV

€20 per month

Order Now

(01) 256 0503

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