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Unlimited Broadband Deals in Ireland

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What is unlimited broadband?

‘Unlimited’ (or ‘uncapped’) broadband data means that customers can download or upload as much data as they like. However, unlimited broadband and phone deals are usually guided by ‘fair usage policies’ which are designed to ensure that some customers don’t download so much that they affect other customers’ access to the Internet. If you download unusually high amounts of data, by streaming movies or downloading large files, then your broadband provider may get in touch to notify you, charge you penalties and possibly reduce your connection speed.

How to get unlimited internet data?

Use our broadband availability checker to find the best unlimited data internet bundle. By choosing that you want unlimited data in the preferences, and providing your address, we will show you the best match unlimited data broadband deal. Once you have selected your deal signing up is straightforward and takes just 3 minutes.

Is unlimited broadband really unlimited?

Simply put, unlimited broadband is unlimited but is generally subject to a ‘fair use policy’. This fair use policy means that the broadband provider is willing to offer unlimited data sufficient for most customers requirements for personal use, but the provider retains the right to limit internet in extreme cases. For the vast majority of homes, an unlimited broadband deal really is unlimited, and you can stream Netflix, YouTube and play games without worrying about data limits. If you want to know the exact rules for your broadband plan, click into the details page where you can review the rules for unlimited data.

Where can I find out about unlimited broadband?

The best starting place to find out about unlimited internet is our guides section where we have written a guide to answer the question ‘Do I need unlimited broadband?’.


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