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Nova Networks My Wave 5M & Nova MyTalk


My Wave Unlimited Broadband:

My Wave Unlimited Broadband from Nova Broadband gives you fast broadband access at home by using the airwaves to link your house to nearby fibre networks.

Suitable for social media, light web browsing, email, chat etc.

Broadband At A Glance:
Max Download Speed: 5Mb/s
Max Upload Speed: 512kb
Data per month: Uncapped 8GB per day full-speed fair usage, equivalent to 240GB per month

8GB per day full-speed fair usage, equivalent to 240GB per month * Uncapped plans are typically subject to a Fair Use Policy. Check with Nova Networks for details.

Home Phone

Nova MyTalk:

MyTalk phone service (delivered over MyWave Broadband) is a modern, digital phone service that does not require you to have a phone-line. Your phone calls are carried over our superfast wireless network, allowing you to take advantage of our great call rates.


  • Irish landlines 3.5c/min
  • Irish mobile 20c/min
  • UK landlines 8c/min
  • UK mobile minutes 27c/min
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Contract Duration: 12 months

Installation Cost: €99. Installation cost includes (i) a small antenna unit installed on an existing TV pole or satellite bracket, (ii) a cable run from the antenna unit to the termination point and (iii) a power supply

See Terms & Conditions


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