Digiweb Fibre Unlimited + Talk World

Anytime calls | Unlimited data | €54.95 per month

Fibre Unlimited + Talk World

* €54.95 per month

false €54.95 per month

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Digiweb Broadband:

Super fast, always-on broadband.

Enjoy excellent value, congestion-free broadband with great customer service.

FREE Fritz!Box WiFi Modem and Home Media Hub RRP €199

FREE Parental Control features as standard

F-Secure SAFE Internet Security -FREE for 6 months

Parental Controls:

Free parental control features help you to create a safer internet experience for your entire family. Schedule when your children are allowed online, give them permission to visit only certain websites of your choosing, decide which internet-enabled devices have WiFi access and when.

Broadband at a glance:
Max Download Speed: 100Mb/s
Max Upload Speed: 20Mb/s
Data per month: Uncapped

Digiweb Talk Anytime:

Unlimited Call bundle: 6,000 anytime minutes to any Irish/UK landline numbers.

1,500 anytime minutes to any Irish/UK mobile numbers per month. 

Free and easy to switch. Line rental included. 

International Calls:

Get unlimited calls to landlines in 14 countries. Also includes calls to mobiles in Canada & United States.

Home phone at a glance:
Anytime calls to Irish landlines:
Calls to Intl. landlines:
Anytime Calls to Irish mobiles:
Calls to Intl. mobiles:

Digiweb offer a fixed price of €54.95. This means that the cost of the bundle will not rise when the contract expires.

Uncapped Data: Fair usage policy of 350GB applies. If a customer exceeds the stated fair usage allowance for data on more than 2 occasions in any 90 day period, then Digiweb reserve the right to terminate or suspend the customer’s service. Digiweb will proactively contact customers in advance of any suspension or termination of service.

Terms conditions at a glance:
Cost setup new customer: €0
Equipment Cost: €0
Contract Duration: 12 months

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Fibre Unlimited + Talk World

* €54.95 per month

false €54.95 per month

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(01) 256 0503

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