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3 mobile Money Virtual Card

€0.00 card €0.00 annual fee €1.25 monthly cost

The minimum age for applicants is 18 years.

There is no minimum income requirement.

Available to new and existing customers.

The Government annual stamp duty is €5.00.

MasterCard This card is accepted everywhere you see this sign.


monthly cost

Money Virtual Card


Top Up Charging Tiers:

Cost of topping up using debit card / app / bank transfer

€1.00 charge if you top up from €0.01 to €59.99

€2.00 charge if you top up from €60 to €159.99

€3.50 charge if you top up from €160 to €500

Max first top up limit of €2500 and a daily limit of €350 applies. To increase the limit you can upgrade the account by providing proof of ID and address.

Bank Charges:

  • Free in store and online transactions.
  • ATM/Cash withdrawal fee.
  • 2.95% Foreign exchange rate.
  • Bank account not needed.
  • Credit check not required.
Top up charges
Bank transfer n/a
Debit Card n/a
Credit cards n/a
Cheque n/a
Maximum single top up €350.00
Chip and pin


monthly cost

Money Virtual Card


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