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Available to New Customers Available to Existing Customers

Interest rate: 5.05%. APRC: 5.26%.

Minimum age for applicants: 21 years.

Available to first time buyers.

Available to non-first time buyers.

Available to new customers.

Available to existing customers.

Available to customers looking to switch mortgage provider.

Maximum loan amount: €750,000.

Minimum loan amount: €50,000.

Minimum term: 5 years.

Maximum term: 30 years.

Maximum loan-to-value: 80%%

Pepper Advantage provides flexibility for customers who may have experienced a historic credit event but whose financial affairs are currently up to date. Customer’s financial circumstances are assessed on an individual basis to establish their ability to service a mortgage.


Interest Rate

Pepper Money Advantage

LTV <=80%

WARNING: If you do not meet the repayments on your Mortgage, you are at risk of losing your home.

Document issuing

A fee charged when you request your mortgage provider to supply additional copies of your mortgage contract or statement of interest.

ATR fee

An Accountable Trust Receipt (ATR) fee refers to a charge associated with having your solicitor keep the deeds to the property on behalf of your mortgage provider.

Vacate fee

A fee charged at the end of a mortgage when you’ve paid the balance in full to release the deeds to your property and remove the bank’s claim on them.

Valuation fee

Valuation Fee €150.00

Transfer Rate fee

A fee charged when you wish to move from a variable rate mortgage onto a fixed rate mortgage.

Late Payment fee

A fee charged when you fail to make a payment on your mortgage in time. This can happen if you miss a direct debit payment or fail to pay by cheque in time.

Arrangement fee

The cost of this arrangement fee is 0.5% of the loan value up to a maximum of €1,800. this fee can be paid up front or added to your loan.

Other fees

Please check with a pepper accredited broker for details of any other fees that may apply.


Interest Rate

Pepper Money Advantage

LTV <=80%

  • WARNING: The cost of your monthly repayments may increase. If you do not keep up your repayments you may lose your home.

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