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Gas & Electricity Price Changes

All changes to energy price plans are shown below

SSE Airtricity

Welcome credit on Dual-Fuel tariff increased from €200 to €220. Welcome credit on electricity tariff increased from €135 to €150.



New tariff options are now available from BEenergy. Freedom tariff no longer available. Standard, Budget Bonus and 2 Year Fixed tariffs now available.



New customer discount on Energia's 'Cheapest Electricity' tariff reduced from 40% to 36%


Panda Power

New customer discount on dual-fuel increased to 28%. Discount on stand-alone electricity increased to 25%


Electric Ireland

Cashback bonus credit now available for new dual-fuel and electricity customers with Climote & Nest smart meter tariffs.


Just Energy

Rate changes for new customers on 12-month fixed rate tariff. Price increase on the gas annual standing charge. Price decrease on the electricity annual standing charge.


Electric Ireland

4% price increase across the standard unit rates and annual standing charges for both gas and electricity.



€50 Cashback no longer available on 'Cheapest Electricity' tariff. New customer discount percentage increased from 35% to 40%.


Flogas Natural Gas

New Icebreaker tariff available. 25% discount & reduced annual standing charge.


Just Energy

Unit rate decrease on 'Rate Saver Fixed 12-Month Online Exclusive' tariffs for both Gas and Electricity.


How much does gas and electricity cost in Ireland?

The average annual electricity bill in Ireland is €1,044.08 and the average annual gas bill is €836.64. So, the average household energy bill is €1,880.72 over the course of a year.

The electricity calculation is based on Electric Ireland’s standard electricity rate for customers who use the national average amount of electricity in a year, which is 4,200 kWh.

The gas calculation is based on Bord Gáis Energy’s standard gas price plan for customers who consume the national average amount of gas, which is 11,000 kWh.

If you use more gas and electricity than the national average, your costs will be higher. If you use less, your costs will be lower.

If you live in a big house with a low BER rating and use appliances and devices that require a lot of electricity, your bills are likely to be a good bit bigger than the national average.

For example, if you consume 50% more electricity and gas than the national average, your bills will be about €1,458.57 for electricity and €1,204.33 for gas, including all taxes and charges.

Similarly, if your home is small and well insulated, your consumption will probably be much lower than the national average. If you use 50% less than the national average for gas and electricity, your annual bills will be €629.58 for electricity and €468.96 for gas.

As you can see, the cost of gas and electricity largely depends on how much energy you consume over the course of a year.

The tables below give a breakdown of how much gas and electricity cost in Ireland, depending on how much energy you consume.

How much does electricity cost in Ireland?

Annual Consumption Difference to national average Estimated annual cost
2,100 kWh -50% €629.58
3,150 kWh -25% €836.84
4,200 kWh 0% €1,044.08
5,250 kWh 25% €1,251.33
6,300 kWh 50% €1,458.57

How much does gas cost in Ireland?

Annual Consumption Difference to national average Estimated annual cost
5,500 kWh -50% €468.96
8,250 kWh -25% €652.80
11,000 kWh 0% €836.64
13,750 kWh 25% €1,020.48
16,500 kWh 50% €1,204.33

What charges make up my gas and electricity bill?

In Ireland, electricity bills are made up of unit rates, standing charges, the PSO levy and VAT. Gas bills are made up of unit rates, standing charges, Carbon Tax and VAT.

In the case of pay-as-you-go electricity or gas, a prepayment service charge is also included.

Unit rates are set by suppliers and are charged based on how much gas and electricity you use. Standing charges are also set by suppliers and are charged daily.

Value-added tax (VAT) and Carbon Tax are set by the Irish Government. VAT on energy prices is set at 13.5% and Carbon Tax is set at €20 per tonne.

The Public Service Obligation (PSO) Levy is set by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU). The PSO Levy is used to subsidise renewable energy generation and peat burning power plants in Ireland. The levy currently stands at €41.76 and is charged to all electricity customersin Ireland.

The prepayment service charge is set by Ireland’s pay-as-you-go gas and electricity suppliers.

What charges make up an electricity bill in Ireland?

Supplier Price plan Unit rate
per kWh
Standing charge
per day
PSO levy VAT Year one cost
Energia Cheapest Electricity 14.97 cent 49.8 cent €41.76 13.5% €857.94
Electric Ireland SuperSaver (Direct Debit & Online Billing) 16.55 cent 28.48 cent €41.76 13.5% €846.39
Bord Gáis Energy 25% Discount (Paperless & Direct Debit) 15.37 cent 45.68 cent €41.76 13.5% €859.59
Iberdrola Green 23 15.2 cent 47.78 cent €41.76 13.5% €860.09
BEenergy Budget Bonus 15.29 cent 48.37 cent €41.76 13.5% €866.06

What charges make up a gas bill in Ireland?

Supplier Price plan Unit rate per kWh Standing charge per day Carbon tax VAT Year one cost
Flogas Natural Gas 25% Icebreaker 5.34 cent 13.81 cent €40.70 13.5% €684.01
Electric Ireland SuperSaver Gas (Direct Debit & Online Billing) 5.38 cent 19.77 cent €40.70 13.5% €709.89
Bord Gáis Energy 14% Discount (Paperless, Direct Debit & Level Pay) 5.39 cent 27.75 cent €40.70 13.5% €740.13
Flogas Natural Gas Exclusive 20% Discount + Cashback 5.7 cent 27.35 cent €40.70 13.5% €772.50
Electric Ireland Standard Gas (Direct Debit & Online Billing) 5.73 cent 28.31 cent €40.70 13.5% €780.01

What causes gas and electricity prices to change?

Changes to wholesale gas and electricity prices, changes to the PSO Levy, VAT and Carbon tax, and market conditions driven by competition between suppliers can cause your energy prices to change.

When Ireland’s energy suppliers decide to increase prices for households, it is usually as a result of increased wholesale gas and electricity prices or increased network charges.

If the CRU decides to increase the PSO Levy, or if the Irish Government decides to increase the VAT rate or Carbon Tax rate, your energy prices will go up too.

Suppliers sometimes cut prices for households to reward their existing customers and to compete for new customers.


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