Flogas Natural Gas Retention 15% Direct Debit Discount

Direct debit Contract length: 1 year | Payment: Budget Plan (optional)

15% discount off Flogas Natural Gas standard gas unit rate

12 months contract, Customers exiting the Direct Debit plan will incur a €50 penalty including VAT if they exit before the 12 month term has elapsed.
Terms & Conditions

This retention tariff is available only to existing Flogas Natural Gas customers who pay by Direct Debit.

Direct Debit with Level Pay

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Gas Charges

Excluding VAT:
  • 4.856 cent per kWh
  • €88.85 standing charge
Including VAT:
  • 5.512 cent per kWh
  • €100.84 standing charge

Fuel mix :

Carbon dioxide emissions:

0kg CO2 per MWh.
National average is 393kg CO2 per MWh.

Source: Commission for Regulation of Utilities

Payment Method

Direct debit with Level Pay

Budget Plan is available free of charge with this tariff - spread your annual energy costs across 12 monthly payments. Direct debit customers frequently benefit from higher savings.

Security Deposit

Should you not wish to pay by Direct Debit, then a refundable Security Deposit of €250.00 is required.

Find out how much you can save by comparing your bills.

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The Commission for Regulation of Utilities assists energy customers by providing information and resolving complaints.
For more information visit https://www.cru.ie/home/customer-care/


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