KBC Current Account Extra


Overdraft available

fees available

  • Internet banking available
  • Mobile banking available
  • Free debit card purchases & cashback

*Fee-Free banking if you lodge €2,500 every month


Free day to day banking, choice of two exclusive bonus savings accounts and avail of discounts across mortgages and personal loans, hassle free overdraft and cash rewards on your credit card, by lodging €2,500 monthly into your Extra Current Account. Non-euro debit card fees and charges may apply.

You can now use your Android phone to make contactless payments wherever you see the contactless payment or Android Pay symbols. Simply download the app to your android phone. Add your KBC debit and credit cards. Hold your Android phone near the contactless reader. It will beep and/or vibrate to show that your payment has been made.

Features & Benefits
  • Fee-Free banking if you lodge €2,500 every month
  • Access your account online, check your balance, transfer money between your accounts and make payments.
  • An overdraft facility is available
  • Internet banking available
  • Free debit card purchases and cashback
Quarterly fee €6.00
Monthly fee €2.00
ATM transaction fee €0.30
In-branch transaction fee €0.00
Internet transaction fee €0.00
Telephone banking transaction fee €0.00
Cheque transaction fee €0.30
ATM non-euro cash withdrawal charge 3.5% (min €3.17, max €11.43)
Transactions & Charges
Standing order setup fee €0.00
Standing order commission €0.00
Standing order transaction fee €0.00
Standing order amendment €0.00
Standing order unpaid fee €10.00
Direct debit setup fee €0.00
Direct debit unpaid fee €10.00
Cheque unpaid fee (outward) €5.00
Cheque unpaid fee (inward) €0.00
Referral fee €5.00 (capped at €20 per day)
Replace lost or stolen ATM or debit card €6.00
Stop instruction fee €5.00
PIN replacement fee €0.00
Credit transfer fee €0.00
Duplicate statement fee €2.54 (per page)

Overdraft available

fees available

Current Account Extra


Customers must lodge at least €2,500 to their account every month to avail of fee-free banking, choice of two exclusive bonus savings accounts and discounted mortgages. No minimum balance is required.


Irish Residents aged 17 years or over


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