The last 18 months in Ireland have been incredibly turbulent. We have seen the near-collapse of the banking system, scandals have rocked the highest echelons of the business world, and the economy has been rapped by two crises - the credit crunch and the recession.

Interest rates for mortgages are the lowest they have been for years - good news if you have a mortgage, not such good news if you want to earn interest on your savings.

So with so much change, what has stayed the same? Not everything has undergone as large an upheaval as the financial sector. Like most households, you pay certain bills regularly - your electricity bill or a personal loan repayment for example. You may have a credit card that has a growing, rather than shrinking, balance. You might be looking for ways to reduce your monthly outgoings. That's where we fit in. was launched today (in beta) to offer Irish consumers the tools needed to find better deals on a wide variety of household bills. We are launching with 5 price comparison products that help you find the best deal for your personal circumstances. Reduce your electricity bill, cut the interest you pay on your credit card balance, consolidate a credit card balance to cut years off the interest you pay by finding a personal loan, or find a savings account that offers an increased interest rate for your savings - you will find tools for all these products at

This is just the beginning for - our aim is to revolutionize the distribution of retail financial products. These are big words indeed, and this is a significant challenge - but with your help & support, we can reduce the headache we all face in finding the best deal, and we can help the suppliers of those products to find you easily and inexpensively - we're aiming for a win-win with - consumers getting better deals, suppliers efficiently matching their products to consumers.

You can follow us on twitter for regular updates and sign up to receive our regular newsletter by email. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be adding to our price comparison tools, so bear with us as we build out the range of price comparison tools and hopefully help to change the Irish retail finance landscape.

Thank you - your support is appreciated.