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€333 – it’s the biggest saving we’ve ever seen on

€333 – it’s the biggest saving we’ve ever seen on
Simon Moynihan

Simon Moynihan

Staff Writer

The cost of keeping a house warm is falling. Of course we don’t exactly need the heating on right now but still, it’s quite something to be saying that after years of energy price increases.

And remember those rock-bottom wholesale prices that we were hearing all about? Well, it does seem as though they really are being passed on to punters now. Little by little, bit by bit.

Over the last six months or so, all energy suppliers cut their standard prices which was good news, and nearly everyone is now saving a few bob as a result.

The real money is in the deals for new customers though, and there have been plenty of those recently. Those lower wholesale prices have led to three energy suppliers offering 20% discounts, and a fourth offering 18% right now. Which means that it’s certainly good time to be in the market for a new energy supplier.

Flogas Price Cut

Flogas Natural Gas is the latest supplier to come in with a price cut. They’ve just lowered the standing charge on their best deal which firmly cements their position as Ireland’s cheapest gas supplier.

The Flogas standing charge reduction brings the cost of a year’s supply of natural gas down to €798 for an average household. It’s a saving of €166 a year over Standard legacy gas rates, and makes the Flogas 20% discount deal €14 per month cheaper than Standard to heat the average family home.

€333 Savings

Of course if you have gas, you need electricity too, and there are plenty of good deals out there for customers looking for a new supplier. Flogas doesn’t do electricity, but when their 20% discount deal is combined with the cheapest electricity tariff, new customers could save €333 per year over standard legacy gas and electricity rates.

€333 is the highest energy savings we’ve ever seen on – so it sure looks like competition and falling energy prices are working the way they should!

You can compare all suppliers and switch right here.

*Flogas cut the standing charge for their 20% discount tariff on 1 July 2015 from €95.00 ex-VAT per year to €79.91 ex-VAT per year. With the VAT included, the price cut represents a saving of around €17 per year.

**Nerd alert: right now on you’ll see the standing charge for the Flogas 20% discount tariff listed as €80.13 ex-VAT. That’s because we take into account the one extra day for the leap year in February 2016 when calculating your results! Well, you will actually pay that extra 22 cent won’t you??


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