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New supplier Iberdrola enters the Irish gas market 
Daragh Cassidy
Head Writer

The Spanish giant becomes the 9th residential gas supplier in Ireland. 

As the nights get colder and longer many of us anticipate with dread the higher heating costs. 

And with the average annual gas bill coming in around €1,000, with know that keeping our homes warm and cozy over the winter months doesn’t come cheap. 

So it’s good news for consumers as Iberdrola has become the latest supplier to enter the increasingly competitive gas market in Ireland with some super, discounted offers that could see you save a bundle on your energy bills this winter.   

Who is Iberdrola?

While the name might not sound familiar to Irish customers, the Iberdrola group is in fact one of the world's largest integrated utility companies and a world leader in renewable energy. The Spanish company trades as Scottish Power in Great Britain and has over 100 million customers worldwide.

Iberdrola entered the electricity market here in June with a range of competitive tariffs and is now offering gas. 

Choice of fixed or variable tariff

Customers will have the choice of a variable tariff, which offers a 16% discount for an entire year on Iberdrola’s standard gas rate, or a slightly more expensive fixed tariff, where the price of your gas is guaranteed not to rise for one year. 

Fixed tariffs are extremely common in other markets like the UK but energy suppliers in Ireland have been slow to offer them to customers here and Iberdrola is currently the only supplier offering the choice of a fixed tariff to gas customers.   

However if you decide to switch both your gas and electricity, you can sign up for Iberdrola's new Dual 23 offer which offers a 23% discount on electricity and 23% discount on gas.    

Anything else?

Every new customer will also have to sign up for direct debit as well as online, paperless billing. But that’s pretty much standard these days.

The contract lasts for 12 months after which time you’re free to switch to another supplier or stay with Iberdrola and roll over onto its standard, non-discounted rates.   

Cheaper bills?

Increased competition usually means lower prices so Iberdrola's entry into the market can only be a good thing for customers longer term.

Nevertheless, despite the large number of energy suppliers now operating in Ireland, gas and electricity prices here still remain above the EU average. However, the increased competition in the market has probably stopped prices from spiralling further and it also means there's far more choice and discounted offers for consumers to choose from. And if you're currently paying standard rates, a switch to Iberdrola could save you hundreds of euro on your bills.    

Compare the market 

If you think any of Iberdrola's offers are of interest to you, you can sign up right here on in minutes. 

However we’d always recommend that you compare all plans across all suppliers to see who’s offering the best deal for your particular circumstances. And you can do that right now with our free and easy-to-use energy comparison service.