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Smart home fanatic? You won’t want to miss this opportunity where you can get money off your energy bills as well as get your hands on a free Google Nest camera for inside your home.

There’s a lot to be said for getting a good deal on your gas and electricity, but nothing beats the feeling of getting a freebie thrown in too, especially when it’s the latest smart home technology.

Customers looking to sign up to one of Electric Ireland’s new two-year energy plans can now get their hands on a Google Nest Cam Indoor, which usually retails at €139.99... for free!

And that’s not all, new customers who sign up to one of the 24-month contracts available will also be given generous cashback discounts too, depending on the deal you choose.

But before we get into each offer and how customers can sign up, let’s have a quick look at the piece of smart technology in question to better understand why it’s so handy around the house.

What is the Google Nest Cam Indoor?

This Google Nest Cam Indoor is an indoor security camera from Google that’s designed to detect movement, as well as people, and can be invaluable for making sure your home is safe and secure when you’re away.

The camera connects to your home Wi-Fi and records what's happening 24/7 for up to 30 days and users can create and share clips when and if they need them from their mobile phone.

The device will also send alerts to your phone if motion or sound is detected and homeowners can even talk through the camera with its built-in microphone should they need to.

The Google Nest Cam Indoor is a valuable addition for anyone who’s upgrading their home with the latest smart home technology or simply for homeowners who’d like a bit more peace of mind.

How can I pick up the smart home tech from Electric Ireland?

Electric Ireland has introduced two brand new two-year energy deals that include enticing cashback offers as well as the Google Nest camera.

Customers looking to get their hands on the home security device have two options, a dual fuel or electricity only tariff:

  • Dual Fuel: 2-Year Dual ValueSaver 8.5% + Free Google Nest Cam Indoor
  • Electricity only: 2-Year ValueSaver 5.5% + Free Google Nest Cam Indoor

Let’s take a quick look at both deals to see what exactly is on offer.

Two-year Dual Fuel + Google Nest Cam

This dual fuel deal includes a discount of 8.5% off Electric Ireland’s gas and electricity prices as well as cashback to the not-so-small tune of €230.

The deals in this blog are a little different from your regular tariff in that they come on a 24-month contract, this plan included, so it’s important customers are aware of this as most deals nowadays come on a standard 12-month contract.

That being said, with the considerable discount, generous cashback value, as well as the inclusion of the free Google Nest camera, customers are getting a deal that’s hard to pass up.

With this deal the average energy customer would only be paying an Estimated Annual Bill of €1,517.97 in year one, with a continued 8.5% discount following into the second year.

In some cases energy customers could save well over €500 by switching to this deal. 

Find out more about this deal right here.

Two-year Electricity only + Google Nest Cam

For customers after the Google Nest camera but who are only looking to sign up to an electricity-only tariff, Electric Ireland has this great deal on offer.

By signing up new customers will receive a 5.5% discount off Electric Ireland’s standard electricity rate, €150 cashback, and the Google Nest Cam thrown in, gratis!

This deal also comes on a 24-month contract, however, customers can look forward to an Estimated Annual Bill of around €901.94 in the first year.

And while this isn’t quite as cheap as the cheapest electricity deal on the market right now, customers will of course be getting a high-spec piece of smart home tech so that should be taken into account.

Read more about this deal here on

What cashback only deals are available?

If you already have your home kitted out with the latest smart home technology you might be interested in Electric Ireland’s two-year cashback-only deals which also offer great value.

Customers can sign up to the same two-year dual fuel deal as the one above which offers an 8.5% discount off Electric Ireland’s standard gas and electricity rates.

However, instead of the Google camera customers will get extra cashback, a total value of €365 off your first bill in this tariff’s case.

This means the average dual fuel energy customer could be enjoying an estimated first-year cost of €1,382.96.

You can check out this dual fuel cashback deal right here on

Equally, those looking for electricity only can also enjoy a 5.5% electricity discount for the full duration of the 24-month contract, as well as receiving an increased cashback sum of €285.

By signing up to this electricity deal from Electric Ireland a household that consumers the average amount of electricity per year could see themselves pay an EAB of only €766.94 in year one.

Find out more about this electricity deal and whether it’s right for you here.

Here’s what you need to switch your energy supplier

If you’re considering taking advantage of any of the above deals from Electric Ireland, you’ll be glad to know the switching process is simple. 

However, there are a few things you’ll need before making the switch:

  • Your MPRN/GRPN - both can be found on a copy of your most recent bill(s).
  • An up-to-date meter reading - see our guide on how to take a meter reading here.
  • An estimate of your energy use - don’t worry if you don’t know, we can help.
  • Some personal details - just to finish your switch.

Consider all of your options

Thinking of switching? Remember, you can compare energy deals across all 14 energy suppliers on the market using our energy comparison tool.

With energy prices on the rise, there’s never been a better time to switch supplier.

Right now the average energy switcher could save €449 on their yearly bills. 

Why not run a quick comparison today on and see how much you could save!

If you’re looking for more information on how to make the switch, take a look at our guide on frequently asked questions related to switching energy providers, or reach out to us in the comments below. 

It’s important to note that if you switch energy supplier while still in contract, you could be subject to an early exit fee. You can learn more about energy cancellation fees here.

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