Flogas announce massive price decreases

Flogas has announced a huge reduction in its standard unit rate and standing charges for its energy customers.

In more good news for Irish households, Flogas have announced a huge 30% cut to its standard unit rate and standing charges for gas and electricity

These new prices will be active from the 6th of November.

In doing so, Flogas became the sixth supplier this year to announce lower prices.

What are the new rates?

The supplier is cutting rates across the board. Its standard 24 hour unit rate for electricity has been cut to 43.59 cent per kWh (including VAT), while the standard rate for gas has been reduced to 14.98 cent per kWh (including VAT). 

These new prices amount to a 30% bill reduction on average, saving the typical:

On the announcement, Flogas General Manager, Sean O’Loughlin, said:

“ As winter approaches, we are pleased to announce a reduction of 30% in our standard rate unit rates and standing charges for both gas and electricity. While wholesale energy markets remain unpredictable, we have seen a calming of volatility of late and this allows us to make these reductions.”

 “While these reductions will be welcomed by our customers, we are conscious that many remain vulnerable to continuing cost of living increases. Our customer service teams are ready to talk with any customer who is having difficulty in paying their energy bill or are looking for other options to help save money as winter approaches

Who else has announced decreases?

Flogas is now the sixth supplier to announce price cuts. After a cold couple of months, it looks like the market for energy is finally beginning to reopen.

So far, these suppliers have announced price decreases:

Bord Gáis remains the only major supplier to announce price cuts. However, they did increase switching discounts from 10% to 15% on the 11th of September.


Many of these price cuts will come into effect over the coming weeks and months. It is also hoped that the Government will keep the level of VAT the same, and reintroduce some supports in the upcoming Budget.

In the meantime, to help you cope with high energy prices, here are 16 ways to use less electricity and save money. 

And if you're struggling to pay your energy bills, here are a range of supports that are available.

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