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Electric Ireland launches Smarter Home Service

Electric Ireland’s Smart Home bundles will allow customers to control their home’s lighting, heating and immersion from their smartphone.

It is estimated that 40% of all new homes being built in Ireland right now will have some element of smart home technology included in their setup.

With innovative new products such as Amazon’s Alexa appearing in Irish homes, it is clear that the way we interact with our appliances, lights and heating systems is changing rapidly.

Ireland’s largest electricity supplier, Electric Ireland, is keen to be a part of the change and has just launched two innovative Smart Home bundles.

What is Electric Ireland’s Smarter Home Service?

Electric Ireland’s Smarter Home Service allows customers to control their in-home lighting, heating, immersion and appliances from the new Smart Home app.

The service was developed in conjunction with Accenture and should allow customers to improve their energy efficiency, reduce energy wastage and, ultimately, save money on their bills.

How much do Electric Ireland’s Smarter Home bundles cost?

Electric Ireland customers looking to smarten up their home can choose between two bundles.

The Smarter Home Hub bundle comes with the Smarter Home Hub, one monitoring clamp, two smart plugs and the Smarter Home app.

This collection of products will allow customers to control appliances such as their washing machine, TV, dishwasher or lights remotely from the Smarter Home app with the help of smart plugs.

The Smarter Home Hub Bundle bundle costs €3.99 a month on a 36-month subscription. Customers can add an immersion control feature for an additional €2.99 a month.

The second option available to customers is the Smarter Home Comfort bundle.

This is an upgrade on the Smarter Home Hub bundle that comes with the Smarter Home Hub, one monitoring clamp, two smart plugs, the Smarter Home app as well as a Nest or Climote, which will allow customers to control their home’s heating remotely from their app.

The Smarter Home Comfort bundle costs €7.99 a month on a 36-month subscription. Once again, an immersion controller can be added for an extra €2.99 a month.

What is the installation fee?

Installation of either of Electric Ireland’s Smarter Home bundles is completely free.

The supplier’s staff will also train householders on how to use their app and offer advice on how to get the most out of the service.

Preparing for a smarter future

Electric Ireland’s launch of its Smarter Home Service illustrates the supplier’s understanding of the need to adapt to changing customer expectations and the growing importance of in-home smart technology.

It will be interesting to see how early adopters fare with the new products and what Ireland's other suppliers have in store for their customers.


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