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Cool exclusive offers 20% SSE Airtricity discount

Cool exclusive offers 20% SSE Airtricity discount
Simon Moynihan

Simon Moynihan

Staff Writer

Ouch! It sure is hot out there. Did Jean Byrne say 25 degrees?

Time for the rich folks to turn on the air conditioning while the rest of us chill out, crack the ice cubes, and mix up some cool drinks.

And we do have something very cool for you here at too. We’re delighted to bring you an exclusive electricity deal from SSE Airtricity that you won’t get anywhere else!

Just by signing up to SSE Airtricity through, you’ll get a 20% discount and the cheapest standalone electricity unit rate in the market. It’ll save you €166 over Standard rates, which should certainly take some of the heat out of those electricity bills.

And of course you’ll need plenty of discounted electricity this weather to run that air conditioner and keep those ice cubes cold!

So how does this SSE Airtricity exclusive electricity deal work?

It’s very simple really. SSE Airtricity has made a special electricity deal offering a 20% unit rate discount available through It’s an exclusive, which means it’s not available anywhere else - and it’s available for signup right here right now.

There are no promotion codes to remember and you won’t need to click off to any other sites. All you have to do is complete an application right here on and we’ll do the rest.

Exclusive for dual fuel customers

There’s also an exclusive SSE Airtricity dual fuel deal for customers with gas and electricity. Switchers will still get that cool 20% electricity discount, and they’ll get a 10% gas discount too. And it’s available for signup here. SSE Airtricity exclusive – the details

The unit rate for the exclusive electricity deal is 15.27 cent (that’s 13.45 cent without VAT), which is 20% less that SSE Airtricity’s standard unit rate*. For an average household, this deal is €166 cheaper than Standard legacy rates.

And the best news? It’s €50 cheaper than you’ll get on any other websites, so you don’t need to go anywhere else. Now that’s what we call an exclusive!

Dual fuel customers will benefit from some pretty good savings too. That average family can save €259 a year and it’s also available here.

Of course, you can compare your current tariff against all other suppliers and deals here.

*This exclusive 20% electricity deal offers savings of €202 over SSE Airtricity's Standard rates. These exclusive deals are available to new customers only.


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