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Bonkers.ie: Absolutely Lashing The Cash Back At Ya

Although most people spend the month of December excitedly counting down and frantically preparing for December 25th, at bonkers.ie HQ it is today that has us excited this year. That’s because we launched our biggest advertising campaign ever this morning!

Earlier today, our first ads were heard across the country on stations including Classic Hits FM, Today FM and FM104.

And you can expect to come across plenty more of these ads on the national airwaves and online over the next eight weeks.

Switching Season is Here

The campaign is spreading the word of the significant savings that can be made by switching energy suppliers through bonkers.ie.

January is a time of year when many people in Ireland begin budgeting for the New Year and seeking new ways to save money.

So, the decision to run the campaign for the entire month of January and into February will mean that many Irish consumers will hear of how to reduce their energy bills at a time when personal finances are top of mind.

Campaign Media

The bonkers.ie ads can be seen and heard across local and national radio stations, as well as online publications, such as thejournal.ie and independent.ie.

The bonkers.ie customer base is very broad (after all, who doesn’t like to save money?!) and hence, the decision to place ads on both traditional and digital media was made in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.

The Ads

The campaign will consist of three different digital ads and two radio ads. Each ad is a variation on the campaign’s core savings message and concludes with the campaign’s tagline, “bonkers.ie; absolutely lashing the cash back at ya”!

The ‘New Found Freedom’ ad is playful and full of attitude as it highlights the financial freedom consumers can have by letting bonkers.ie “slap those bills silly”!

Listen to 'New Found Freedom' here:

‘Yummy Money’ is the name of the second bonkers.ie radio ad currently being played across Irish airwaves.

The in-your-face message joyfully promotes the feeling of  “euphoria all over ya” and the "sweet, sweet sensation of money back in your pocket” that consumers can experience by switching through bonkers.ie

Listen to 'Yummy Money' here:

Each of the campaign’s radio and digital ads concludes with the line, “bonkers.ie: absolutely lashing the cash back at ya”, to illustrate just how easy it is to save money with bonkers.ie in a fun way!

Our internal development and design teams have made a few changes to our website to reflect the campaign’s messaging, while the company’s internal marketing team is complementing the ads with relevant content on social media. We hope you like the changes!

Thank You

After marking our 5th year in business in 2015, we’re very excited to be spreading the word of the fantastic savings that can be made by switching through bonkers.ie on this scale for the first time.

Thank you for all of your support in 2015, and best wishes for 2016 from all at bonkers.ie…absolutely lashing the cash back at ya!


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