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Image Vodafone offering Sky Sports or Sky Cinema for only €1 a month
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Customers can choose from any of Vodafone's broadband and TV plans, plus Sky Sports or Sky Cinema, for as little as €26 per month for the first six months.

The New Year is well and truly the best time to switch, what with all the great deals on offer, and this year is no different with a plethora of bargains already available for sign up.

And the competition has been hotting up with Vodafone now deciding to enter the milieu with a very enticing offer indeed.

Keeping you on tenterhooks for another millisecond, read on to discover the finer details...

What's on offer?

Vodafone is offering new TV and broadband customers a choice of Sky Sports or Sky Cinema for only €1 a month for six months. Come again? You heard correctly, Sky Sports or Sky Cinema for only €1.

The offer will be available for sign up until 29th February, provided you sign up to a Vodafone broadband and TV package.

After the initial six months are up, customers will automatically be moved to the standard price of €40 per month for Sky Sports or €24 per month for Sky Cinema. But the add-ons may be cancelled at any time by simply calling Vodafone on 1907.

Who's eligible?

The offer is open to new customers who purchase a Vodafone TV and broadband plan as well as any of its available tripleplay bundles.

Unfortunately, the offer does not apply to existing Vodafone Home Broadband customers who are either switching or upgrading plans, while new customers can only avail of the offer once.

Sky Sports or Sky Cinema

The choice is simple really. Are you a sports fanatic sitting on the edge of your seat for every game, or rather a cinephile, deconstructing every movie for matters of theme and style? Thankfully there is something for everyone. Here are the nuts and bolts.

A subscription to Sky Sports will get footie and Formula 1 fans alike excited and revving their engines. With the Sky Sports pack, subscribers will have access to a host of dedicated sports channels and be able to watch everything from the best cricket and Premier League football action, to top-flight boxing and golf. And although the sports market has got more fragmented in recent years with Sky, BT Sport, Eir Sport and Amazon Prime all vying for your spend, it's fair to say that Sky stil remains THE premium sports channel.  

Subscribers to Sky Cinema will have access to Sky's full range of films, with everything from the latest action, comedy and Sci-Fi films to Disney classics catered for. Customers subscribing to Vodafone's TV Plus package, however, will also have exclusive access to Sky Movies Classics. So anyone hoping to watch classic Hitchcock or some Spaghetti Westerns will need to upgrade. That's not taking away, however, from the sheer quality and bank of movies available on Sky Cinema - something for all the family as the saying goes.

Broadband and TV deals

If you're a new customer and are considering making the switch to avail of this super offer then make sure to check out some of the broadband and TV options below.

So what can you get?

Product Name

Broadband Speed


Broadband & TV cost for first 6 months

Add Sky Sports or Sky Cinema

Cost per month

Broadband and TV cost for next 6 months

Add Sky Sports or Sky Cinema

TV & Simply Broadband


55 channels 

€25 p/m

€1 p/m


€65 p/m

€40 / €24 p/m

TV Plus & Simply Broadband


82 channels 

€25 p/m

€1 p/m


€75 p/m

€40 / €24 p/m

While both deals have the same broadband speed, TV Plus includes 27 more channels, the likes of which include the History channel, all three Eurosport channels, as well as CNN and Aljazeera for all the political buffs.

Broadband, home phone, and TV deals

For those of you who still need a home phone service then Vodafone's tripleplay bundles might be more up your street.

The tripleplay bundles come with anytime calls to Irish landlines and Irish mobiles, with customers able to add Sky Sports or Sky Cinema for just €1 extra per month for six months too.

Compare how the tripleplay bundles stack up below.

Product name

Broadband speed



Cost per month for 6 months

Add Sky Sports or Sky Cinema

Cost per month

Tripleplay cost for next 6 months

Add Sky Sports or Sky Cinema

TV, Simply Broadband + Unlimited Irish Landline Calls 100Mbps 55 channels Anytime calls to Irish landlines €25 €1 €26 €70 p/m €40 / €24 p/m
TV Plus, Simply Broadband + Unlimited Irish Landline Calls 100Mbps 82 channels Anytime calls to Irish landlines €25 €1 €26 €85 p/m €40 / €24 p/m
TV & Simply Broadband + Unlimited Irish Landline & Mobile Calls 100Mbps 55 channels Anytime calls to Irish landlines & mobiles €25 €1 €26 €75 p/m €40 / €24 p/m

So what do you think?

What deal best suits your needs for this coming year? Get in touch and let us know!

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Gigabit Broadband and TV

Image Vodafone

1Gb/sUnlimited data
€780First year cost
1Gb/sUnlimited data
€780First year cost
€65.00Monthly cost