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Virgin Mobile launches NEW SIM-only discount to rival GoMo
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

As part of its new SIM-only offer Virgin Mobile is also set to increase its fair usage cap from 40GB to 80GB a month.

There is an endless supply of good value SIM-only deals on the market right now for every mobile user and Virgin Mobile has only gone and added to it!

The mobile operator is now offering a brand new SIM-only deal for all customers, as well as a slew of other enticing promotions, in a bid to recapture sales lost to rival operators.

Find out the full details below!

What’s on offer?

Virgin Mobile will now offer unlimited mobile for everyone for only €15 a month for the first 12 months as part of its new SIM-only deal promotion.

The deal itself will see €10 discounted from the previous price of €25 for the first 12 months of the contract - meaning a total yearly bill of just €180.

The mobile operator has also decided to double its fair usage policy on its plans in relation to data allowance - rising from 40GB to 80GB a month.

New customers can enjoy the price decrease immediately, while existing customers will see the new price change on receipt of their March bill.

The price will revert to €25 a month after your first year is up.

Changes to 2GB plan

Virgin Mobile is also changing its 2GB plans to 5GB plans - tell us more, I hear you say!

As well as the increased data allowance, the new plan will include 500 minutes of calls and 500 texts a month - previously half that!

Again, the change will take immediate effect for new customers on the plan and will appear on the March billing date for existing customers. The price will continue at €15 per month.

With respect to the new offers the standard rules apply: 30-day mobile contract, a max of four SIMs per account, and a max of one promo per mobile number.

Virgin Mobile vs GoMo

Today’s announcement is a clear message to rival telecom operators who, like Virgin Mobile, are offering increasingly better value for customers.

But how do the two most competitive deals stack up?

Virgin’s new price point of €15 for its unlimited mobile offer is great value - despite still being €2 more expensive than GoMo’s €12.99, which is, admittedly, still very hard to beat.

Both network providers are offering unlimited use of their services per 30-day rolling contract, so there’s not much difference there.

Virgin Mobile has however increased its fair usage policy to 80GB of data per month, in-line with what GoMo has in place with its product.

Your full allowance of calls and texts can be used in the EU on both GoMo and Virgin, however, GoMo offers 10GB of EU roaming data a month on its unlimited plan while Virgin offers 9GB. It’s not much of a muchness, really, but it could be a deciding factor for some.

All this being said, for customers who value continued and exceptional customer service then Virgin Mobile is the obvious way to go.

In the last consumer line statistics report in Q4 of 2019, the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) registered only 66 issues in relation to Virgin Mobile's network, while Eir registered the most at 930.

All things considered, Virgin’s new offer comes to a total bill of €180 for the first 12 months, while GoMo’s total monthly bill comes in at €120.

While many will be enamoured by GoMo's no-frills approach and super competitive pricing, others may prefer the safe hands of a more reliable customer service in Virgin Mobile. Personal preference will always triumph! That being said, make sure and always compare all the plans available to you.

Consider comparing

While the new offer from Virgin Mobile is good value, the only way to get the best value for your own particular needs is to compare all the best deals on the market.

That’s where we come in - compare all the cheapest SIM-only deals available on the market right now using our mobile price comparison here.

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