UPC announces Horizon

UPC announces Horizon

Today UPC announced their latest service, which is due to go live later this year.

UPC Horizon promises to offer its subscribers a new way to watch their digital content, whether that is live TV, Box Sets, Movie Rental and even their own content played from their iPhone or iPad to their TV, via the Horizon box.

The new service has been live for some months in Holland and Switzerland - Ireland is the third country in the UPC international markets which will be rolled out by the supplier.

In addition to the in-home content delivered by the Horizon set top box, UPC have also announced horizon.tv - the portal their customers will be able to access programming from 45 channels through their online service.

The Horizon experience also offers playlists, so you can create your own viewing experience, personalised suggestions which should help people find programmes they might find interesting, based on their prior viewing history and parental controls so the young ones at home are protected from age sensitive content. Social sharing is also available so you can keep up with what your friends are watching online.

To watch Horizon TV Online, customers will need a UPC Digital TV subscription combined with a UPC Internet subscription.

The box itself is a pretty nice piece of kit and offers 4 digital tuners so multiple channels can be recorded while watching other channels live, and also offers applications, similar to ones found on iPhones and Android phones, to enhance the whole experience.

More information is available from the Horizon.tv website.

The future of home communications services is certainly getting pretty heated - we will follow up with a full review of the UPC Horizon service once it becomes available.


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