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The best broadband-only deals in Ireland right now

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Robyn Hamilton

Robyn Hamilton

Staff Writer

In a time where landlines are becoming obsolete and TV is increasingly moving away from the telly and onto the internet as a result of the rise of online streaming services, it’s no wonder more and more people are ditching dual and tripleplay bundles in favour of broadband-only packages. In this article, we take a look at some of the best ones currently on the market.

When your mobile phone is likely to be on your person at any given time of the day, the need for landline phones is becoming less and less. It’s a similar story when it comes to TV. These days, we prefer to watch what we want, when we want; meaning that a lot of us now either pre-record our favourite shows and catch-up later or simply subscribe to on-demand online streaming services to get our entertainment at our leisure.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that we’re often asked here at for our advice on the best broadband-only packages. To replace TV and landline services, customers want and look for a great value broadband service that will provide them with both the speed and reliability they need to handle a variety of different tasks on a multitude of electronic devices. Below you’ll find a few of our favourite deals.    

In a nutshell... 

For a quick snapshot of the best broadband-only deals for price, see the image below. For a bit more detail, read on... 

The best broadband-only deals for price

Looking for the best deal on price? Vodafone, Pure Telecom and Sky are all currently offering competitively priced packages, so depending on the availability of the provider in your area, either one of them could be a great fit for you. Here’s how they compare to each other:

Sky Fibre Unlimited

Vodafone Simply Broadband

Pure Telecom Purely Broadband

What you get

Unlimited 100Mb/s broadband

Unlimited 100Mb/s broadband

Unlimited 100Mb/s broadband

Cost per month

€45 per month for 12 months, €55 per month thereafter

€40 per month for 6 months, €45 per month thereafter

€44 per month

Contract length

12 months

18 months

18 months

Total cost for 18 months

€870 (Remember Sky contract ends after 12 months so customers are free to switch providers before higher rate kicks in)



The best broadband-only deals for speed

If you’re looking for a connection that can handle heavy duty download usage (for instance, if you do a lot of movie streaming or gaming) Virgin Media could be a good option for you. They’ve got two high-speed deals available. Here’s how they stack up:

Virgin Media Naked Broadband

Virgin Media Fibre Power Broadband 360Mb

What you get

Unlimited 240Mb/s broadband

Unlimited 360Mb/s broadband

Cost per month

€44 per month for the first 6 months, €54 per month thereafter

€49 per month for the first 6 months, €64 per month thereafter

Contract length

12 months

12 months

Total cost for 12 months



The best broadband-only deal for sports fans

Love the idea of not paying for a landline and TV but not ready to give up your premium sports package? Good news! With eir’s Broadband Only package, you don’t have to.

When you sign up with eir you get an unlimited 100Mb/s connection along with a FREE subscription to eir Sport which includes seven premium sports channels. It costs €53 per month and the contract lasts for 12 months, so in your first year you’ll pay a total of €678.

The best contractless broadband-only deal

Finally, if you’re looking for a broadband only deal that won’t tie you into a contract, Virgin Media is currently the only provider on the market offering a 30-day rolling contract. With Freedom Broadband, for €59 per month, you’ll get an unlimited 240Mb/s connection that you can cancel at any time without fear of early contract cancellation fees. Job done!

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