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Sky Ireland offering free TV for Black Friday promotion

Sky Ireland offering free TV for Black Friday promotion
Rob Flynn

Rob Flynn

Staff Writer

The offer will see new customers gifted a brand new 32" LG TV with the option of upgrading to 43" for an extra once-off price of €149.

It’s that time of the year again when retailers and key service providers alike announce huge discounts and great deals as part of, you guessed it, Black Friday.

If like me you wondered how November came back around so quickly just rest comfortably in the knowledge that Black Friday is just around the corner to brighten up your day with some great bargains.

One of those Black Friday deals is from Sky who is offering a brand-new, free LG TV to customers who sign up to Sky TV.

If the idea of a free TV has piqued your interest then do read on!

The Offer

Sky Ireland is offering new customers to Sky TV a brand new 32” LG TV for free as part of a new promotion the company is rolling out for Black Friday.

The television will be offered to new customers gratis, all they have to do is sign up to Sky TV before Monday 2nd December 2019. The TV itself will then be despatched to customers within 45 days after signing up.

The offer includes Sky’s standard TV package for €32 per month with over 300 Sky TV channels, including Sky Atlantic, as well as its brand new channel Sky Crime. Customers have the added option of upgrading to a myriad of Sky's extra entertainment packages to boot.

Sky Signature with Sky Broadband Superfast & Talk Freetime

Sky Signature with Sky Broadband Superfast & Talk Freetime

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First year cost
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Monthly cost

The offer is also available to new customers looking to subscribe to quad or triple-play bundles also! You can easily compare the best prices right now over on

For those customers whose TV is on the fritz and are looking to go bigger and better, Sky is also offering with its TV package the option of a 43” UHD LG TV for a once-off payment of €149.

If you can be enticed by Ultra HD 4K HDR TV, the most recent Smart TV operating software, and Ultra Surround sound then this deal could be right up your street.

Is it good value?

What Sky provides is by all means one of the best TV services available on the market, but as all the billpayers are aware, that doesn’t come without a price.

To avail of Sky’s Black Friday LG TV promotion the starting price for the basic TV package is €32 a month, however this will increase by €3 a month on December 1st.

As those of us who like our add-ons know all too well, Sky really gets you in the extras when it comes to additional subscriptions. Customers can currently add Sky Sports to their package for an extra €20 per month on a rolling 31 day contract, as well as a wide variety of supplementary extras including Sky Cinema and HD viewing.

One of the extras that caught our eye is the Sky Q Multiscreen which allows you to watch TV in multiple rooms with the Sky Q mini box. Sky provides 1TB and 2TB boxes, with the 1TB setting you back €17.50 extra per month, €19 from December 1st, and can store up to 500 hours of TV with the ability to record three shows simultaneously while watching a 4th live. There is however a once-off installation fee with this costing €25 and €120 for the 2TB. 

Despite being able to rack up a huge monthly bill with a range of additional add-ons, €32 a month for the quality of service and choice of channels is not too shabby.

For customers looking to upgrade to triple-play packages (that broadband, phone and TV) then it will set you back €65 per month which, again, is not the cheapest available option but is well worth it, if not for ease of access then for just how versatile the Sky Go app is.

Let's hear from you

If you’re thinking of switching to Sky or changing your current TV, broadband or home phone package you can easily check out the best deals available across all providers using our easy-to-use price comparison tool.

And if you have any thoughts on this deal or any other Black Friday promotions then we’d love to hear from you! Comment below or catch us over on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.


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