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5 reasons why 'broadband only' deals are so popular right now

Mark Whelan

Mark Whelan

Staff Writer

Broadband only deals are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland. In fact, here at we’ve an increase of 457% in the amount of people looking for a broadband only deals as opposed to a deal that includes a landline or a landline and a TV.

Here’s why they’re so popular.

1 – Broadband speed are improving
Thanks to the development of fibre in Ireland, broadband speeds of at least 100 Mbps are available in most urban areas. That means that you can now rely on big bandwidth apps like Netflix for your entertainment and Skype for calling friends and home and abroad, making a your TV and landline surplus to requirements.

2 – Price
As you would expect, broadband only deals are generally much cheaper than a broadband plan that also includes a landline or a TV plan. Most broadband only plans are available for between €40 and €50 a month, which in some cases is less than half the price of a high-end Tripleplay package.

3 – Unlimited data
Previously, you might have been worried about using your home broadband connection for everything due to data limits. But now, unlimited data comes as standard with broadband only plans, meaning you can stream away without worrying too much about getting penalty fees. These plans are subject to fair usage policies, but you’d have to do a ridiculous amount of downloading and streaming to reach most of these.

4 – Convenience
On-demand iPlayer apps and on-demand sports apps are the norm now, meaning that a strong broadband only plan will allow you to watch what you want, when you want. And since everything is running off your home WiFi, you can also watch on whatever device is most handy, be it your smartphone, laptop or TV.

5 – Contract lengths
We’ve seen contract lengths for broadband plans come down in recent years, with many suppliers offering 12-month contracts and some even offering 30-day contracts. This is really appealing for people who are renting their homes or who do a lot of travelling and like the freedom to switch regularly.

There you have it guys, broadband plans make a lot of sense and I think we’re going to see them become more and more popular. And you can sign up for a broadband only plan of your choosing on now.

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